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Everything I have tried from here has been excellent. The Vegetable slice is outstanding ... my new fav is the chicken Vodka slice .. So today they made me a Shrimp pram vodka hero..I had no doubt it would be great ... wowowowo better than expected .. If you want to try something different ..its a treat

You walk in and greeted by the best staff, they all have smiles and are right there to help you get your order. Food is amazingly fresh, delicious and fulfilling! Welcome to the neighborhood!

This restaurant replaced the All star cafe which has been a tradition for years. I must say this is a great addition, plenty of specialty slices on display, very tasty food, delicious dough, chicken rolls, spinach rolls, calzones. very good food in the neighborhood.

Pizzaioli is excellent! Food was good, value was great and the quality and how the food holds up was top notch. Very light tasting fresh sauces for entree dishes and the pizza is fantastic as well!

If you know Domenico's pizza from Seguine Avenue, then you know Pizzaioli pizza and all the food will be excellent! The pizza on display is already looking delicious with a lot of specialty slices such as Hot Buffalo Pizza, Upside Down Sicilian and Chicken Caesar Salad pie. All look delicious. The specialty rolls very tasty as well and the sauce is top notch. Pizzaioli is a great addition to Elitngville.